Renewed Interest

All of a sudden, I need to wallpaper something in black grasscloth.  I know grass cloth became a big trend a couple of years ago, but I wasn’t really into it.  It looked sort of beachy or preppy in a way that’s not really my style.  But then today I stumbled upon this picture…


This is Sara Ruffin Costello’s apartment (see it here) and the grasscloth looks amazing.  It adds texture to a room full of neutrals.  Then I kept going down the internet black hole and re-stumbled upon this picture…


Alison Cayne’s apartment was originally shot for Domino (pictures here) and then again recently for One King’s Lane (here).  Her apartment (apartment? It’s really a house – in Manhattan!) is also amazing, but I loved the black walls in her bedroom.  They remind me of Jenna Lyon’s Brooklyn bedroom, but with more texture.  It looks like she used a special paint or technique to get this effect, but I think the overall feeling could also be achieved by using black grasscloth.


Now I can’t stop searching for rooms with black grasscloth.  Here are a few of my favorites so far:


Celerie Kemble


Susan Kroeger



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