What is Everybody Eating?


For some reason, I am fascinated by what others eat and love reading about it online. I personally go back and forth between “Wow – everything out there is so bad for you and I need to be 100% conscious of everything I put in my body!” and “Fuck it – who cares if I have a third slice of pizza???” and I’m always interested in how others manage to strike a balance. And I think other people must be interested too when you look at the rise of websites like The New Potato and the so many bloggers who just post pictures of what they are eating. So today when I came across this article in the Wall Street Journal about what a King’s of Leon member and his wife eat, it definitely piqued my interest. Famous musicians and what they eat?? Obviously I need to know more.¬†Also, their kitchen (pictured above) is freaking amazing.

But I actually really enjoyed the article and it led me to Pamela Salzman’s new to me website. She posts articles about clean eating and so many delicious looking recipes (I want to try this, this, this and this for starters). If her food is good enough for rockstars, it should be good enough for me – right?

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