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Blogs I Used to Like: Part 1 – Gadabout

I started reading blogs in about 2007, when I was in high school. The first couple I remember reading were Design Sponge and Absolutely Beautiful Things and I was amazed that there were others out there who loved the same things I did and were posting beautiful pictures. Before Pinterest, I used to carefully archive each image in folders on my computer. Then over the years, of course things changed. Blogging and Pinterest took off and there were thousands of blogs posting and you could find people who really inspired you with a certain aesthetic. I developed new favorites. And then some of my favorites stopped blogging. I still check their blogs in the hopes something has changed, but more often then not, it seems their lives have moved on and that always seemed a little sad. This person has no idea who I am (I never commented) but I feel like I’m missing something without their new posts. However, as this started to happen, Instagram became the sort of mini blog it is now and EVERYONE still Instagrams. Now I follow those bloggers I used to love there and they seem to be posting even better things. Here’s a little series of some of my favorite bloggers, who no longer blog, but are still wonderful to follow.


First up, Hanna Seabrook. She hasn’t posted on her blog Gadabout (which I highly recommend checking out the archives) in over a year but she posts beautiful pictures of her new home with the hastag #lelandroad on Instagram. Here are some of my favorite photos and be sure to also look at her Glitter Guide feature on her previous home. Her interiors somehow embody southern comfort, elegance and coziness simultaneously.

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